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Will EMR kill you?

It is our aim to bring awareness of the danger of Electro Magnetic Radiation.

Many studies have been conducted around the world, relating to the dangers associated with Mobile Phone radiation.

RADISAFE addresses this threat to humanity, and is one of the most tested and proven products of its kind, in the world.

It is our hope that people will visit this website, educate themselves about the dangers of Mobile Phone Radiation and make a decision to use RADISAFE to save themselves, family and friends.

Dr.David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York says: "30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure."

Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings, urging children under 16 not to use cell phones. High frequency EMF waves lead to significant increase in blood pressure. Even though it is universally accepted, that electro magnetic radiations emitted from mobile phones is bound to affect the health and well being, we tend to ignore it, as people have become totally dependent on mobile phones. We are subjecting ourselves and our loved ones to this external stressor, day in and day out. However...


There is a Solution!



 RADISAFE IS THE MOST TESTED AND PROVEN PRODUCT OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD. While many similar products from different countries encounter problems of jamming and reduction in the tonal quality, RADISAFE with its Unique Technology, not only Harmonizes Radiation and reduces Heating, but does not jam and interfere with the tonal quality of the calls.

RADISAFE is Certified by the World renowned Electronics Measurements and Devices Testing Laboratory CIEMS – CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE, California ,USA to possess Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of 99.95%, when tested at the Frequency of 9.375 GHz. Currently, GSM mobile phones are operating at a maximum Frequency of 2100 MHz (2.1 GHz), whereas RADISAFE is tested to shield Radiation, even at a Frequency of 9.375 GHz.

When RADISAFE is stuck onto the front or back of the Mobile Phone, as near to ear piece as possible , it immediately starts to Shield Radiation and reduce heating of the Mobile Phone, due to the Mineral + Scalar Technology within RADISAFE.

The beneficial physical and biological effects of using RADISAFE have been clinically tested and demonstrated, with World renowned Russian GDV Kirlian Camera Technologies. The results are published elsewhere in this website.




 RADISAFE shields over 99.95% of radiation emitted from your mobile, and is proven to reduce your mobile's heat radiation by over 80%.


Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.