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Hope Foundation is Australia & Oceania distributor and reseller of RADISAFE products. is an initiative of the Hope Foundation. It is our aim to bring awareness of the danger of Electro Magnetic Radiation.

Hope Foundation is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our world. Moreover, we conduct research and participate in a number of initiatives to constantly develop and contribute to society.

Hope Foundation is implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, and strengthening organisational and associate's capabilities.

Hope Foundation continuously seeks to develop &/or deliver, technologies and products that will have an ethical social impact on our world and the lives of individuals.




The product developer has been actively engaged for the last 15 years in the Wellness Business, Internationally. Their activities include, creating innovative research-based & unique, Wellness Products, and exporting them to the World; identifying unique Life saving and Life Extending Products, with the intention of helping humanity as a whole. They strongly believe in offering a HOLISTIC SOLUTION to humanities problems and suffering, and has so for released more than 25 unique Wellness Products to the world, over the past 5 Years. 

The company founder is an M.D in Alternative Medicines, and has received a Ph.D for his research and findings on Geopathic Stress. His company has already brought to the World, many FIRST of its kind Wellness Products, which are all aimed at eliminating the Root Cause of the Problems associated with human suffering, and not the Symptoms alone. Environmental Positive Energy Enhancer Products are proven, and are well received in many countries. 

Extensive Research on EMF and Mobile Phone Radiation has brought to the World, RADISAFE, a Mobile Phone Radiation and Heat Harmonizer which is currently exported to more than 15 countries. RADISAFE is backed up with credible certificates and testimonials from user’s worldwide.




The HOPE Foundation has been established to care for families, children, and the elderly, who are in desperate situations. They may need health care or life-saving drugs, food, clothing, shelter, or assistance with education. We hope to lessen the burden, and ease the pain.

Our mandate is ‘to improve the welfare of others’ . 

Our vision is in Caring for Our Own Backyard, primarily by supporting the most disadvantaged people in Australia, Oceania & the Pacific Islands, and in turn, the rest of the world.

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Founder & Principal