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Compliments to you for bringing out such a wonderful product, Radisafe. I am very happy using this and all my children are using it too. I feel very safe now using my mobile. I was concerned about my children using mobiles for long hours, but I feel they are protected now. Your Radisafe distributor is very active here. Your website is also very informative. Keep it up !

Peter Louis, Port of Spain, West Indies.


As an IT professional working for a leading IT organization, my job requires me to talk for hours together on International calls with my clients but I am not bothered at all these days ever since I started using RADISAFE on my mobile phone. No pain in the ears, or heating of mobile. Its comfortable for hours of talking and I feel very safe now talking on mobile, with Radisafe attached. Many of my IT friends in India and USA are now using Radisafe and they say they feel safe now.

I wish every IT company gives Radisafe to its employees as a staff welfare measure.

K.Ravishankar, INFOSYS, Bangalore.


I am an NGO associated with one of the Orissa based organizations. I got this Radisafe from a shop in Bhubaneshwar and have been using it for the past 6 months. I am very much satisfied with Radisafe in the following ways. 1. The charge of my cell phone is lasting much longer now than before. 2. There is no heating of my cell phone even after 1 hour of continuous use. 3. The voice clarity of my mobile phone has improved after adding Radisafe. 4. I dont get pain at all in my ears, even if I talk for longer duration.

I have no hesitation in recommending Radisafe to any number of people, as all the people to whom I have recommended Radisafe are thanking me.

Chandan Mohapatra, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.


As a trustee of a leading Charitable organization, I used to talk on mobile phone every day for hours with various people. At one stage, I started developing pain in my right ears which I used for receiving calls. It became unbearable at one stage and I stopped talking on my Mobile phone . I consulted my ENT doctor who also advised me to stop using mobile phone. It was at this stage I came across Radisafe, and I wanted to take a chance . I stuck Radisafe on my mobile phone and tried receiving calls. What a surprise! There was no pain in my ears and I was very comfortable receiving calls. I can't explain this miracle. I have again started talking on my mobile for hours now. Since then, I have recommended Radisafe to 100s of my friends and relatives. Radisafe is truly a life saving gadget. I strongly recommend this product to every mobile phone user, especially children. Thanks for this excellent invention.

S.S.Raghavachari M.A.LLB, Banashankari, Bangalore.


For almost last 2 years I was having lots of sleep problems and I happened to read from an article that appeared in one of the leading health magazines of USA , that excessive use of Mobile Phones contributes for insomnia. When I visited India last time I picked up RADISAFE from a shop and pasted it on my Mobile . I must say sincerely , since then my sleep problem has almost disappeared although I have not reduced my talking hours on the mobile. I am sure RADISAFE has done this magic. My frequent headaches has also disappeared to a great extent. Great Product ! 



My friend from India presented me and my husband this button called RADISAFE . What an amazing product it is! I am almost relieved of my ear pain, when ever I talk on cell phone.

I thought my ear had completely gone and was preparing to meet an ENT surgeon. I am totally saved now, thanks to Radisafe, the wonder button. Hats off to the inventor.

My husband who turned allegic to mobile phone is slowly becoming an addict to it, ever since he started using Radisafe. I am looking to gift this great product to all my frineds soon!

Sharada Rajagopal

St Johns. CANADA


I happenned to stumble on your website and ordered 10 pieces of Radisafe which you very promptly sent me. Firstly I like the design and packing of your product. But I must admit that you have come out with the ultimate Radiation prevention product. I had earlier tested at least three such products from China and they were simply not doing anything.

I have now been using Radisafe for almost 20 days now and I am able to witness tremendous changes like almost nil heat on the mobile phone on prolonged usage, better charge retention because of no heat on the cell phone , better tonal quality reception and ultimately no piercing pain in the ears. It's a great invention! I am interested in taking up distribution of this great product in France and take it to nearby countries slightly later. Please send me your commercial terms.

Adrien Samuel



My ENT Doctor friend from Singapore strongly suggested the Mobil Phone Radiation prevention chip Radisafe, when I consulted him for the frequent ear pain I was getting .

I got one from the Singapore distributor and stuck it on to my Mobile phone and I am simply thrilled to find that my pain has completely reduced. There is no heating on my mobile too even if I talk for hours together. Amazing health gadget! Since then I have recommended it to 100's of my friends and they all say they enjoy talking on mobile phone now! My company has planned to give Radisafe as a health gift to 1000's of our clients, this Chinese New Year.

Sreeram - Singapore


I am very much aware of Cell phone radiation and EMF. I have used many EMF prevention products but I am not satisfied. My friend gave me RADISAFE to use. Really it is amazing, my mobile phone heat is reduced now. Finally I got good product from Portoworld.  I can strongly recommend this product to others. Thanks for bringing this life saving product. - N.Subramannian - INDIA

I'm using Spice S-930 mobile. 
As a part of job, I talk over mobile continuously for hours together. Of late, I observed that I'm feeling the heat near ears and also, I'm unable to use it more than 10 minutes. If I use it for more than 10 minutes, I used to feel the pain on ear. 

When checked with doctor, it was diagnosed that, the ear and jaws were infected due to mobile radiation. Doctor suggested me not to use mobile or to use earphones. 

Then I started using earphones for few days and observed that the infection cured. But, I'm unable to use earphones all the time, again the infection started. So, I almost decided to change the mobile phone but, thought of checking in the internet for any suggestions to get rid of this problem. 

I found the info about Radi Safe. After going through couple of reviews I decided to give a try and ordered RadiSafe. I received the product and I started using it straight away. It's been a weeks time and I feel the difference. No heat, No radiation. I started talking for hours again. 

I saved almost Rs: 15,000/- which I thought of investing for a new mobile. 

Sai Prasad P 
Madiwala, Bangalore - 68
I have stuck Radisafe Cell Chip on my mobile Phone and from day one I find that no heating of my phone takes place even if I talk for longer durations. Secondly the ear piercing effect which I used to have frequently earlier while talking, is no longer there now! I am not changing the mobile phone from left ear to right ear and repeat it while talking, which I used to do earlier. Now even hours of talking on Mobile phone doesn't strain me in anyway!
I am very much relieved to note that I am now protecting myself from the dangers of Cell Phone Radiation, which is very much evident for the past 15 days of use. I very strongly recommend every mobile phone user to be wise enough to use this very cheap and effective Gadget Radisafe, and safeguard yourselves, than repent later, after your ear or brain is affected! 

NS Chennai. +91 9884059916